TKD-001-001 TKD-001-001 TKD-001-001 With Tires
TKD-001-001 TKD-001-001 TKD-001-001 With Tires

16" Volk Racing TE37v Staggered

Tires *

16" Volk TE37v Staggerd


  • Diameter 24,3mm
  • Front 13,3mm wide
  • Rear 14mm wide
  • Front 4mm dish
  • Rear 4,6mm dish

Diamter with tires:

  • Font: 32mm
  • Rear: 34mm

Mounting hub Dimensons: (rear side of rim, Ring shape)

  • Outisde: 8mm
  • Inside: 6mm
  • Depth: 4mm
  • Fits For TK Universal Wheel hub - TKD-002-002

If you would like to have 4x same Rim, f.e. 4x front wheel, then please leave a note in your order when checking out.

Price will not change.


Come in unpainted resin.

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