Custom Decal Sheets

Custom prints are currently not available! Prints will resume in July

 Reprints of your custom sheets are possible.


Need custom Decals? Need some branded stickers for your models but can't find the right size, color or amounts? Or have your own vector-based files but can't print it yourself?

Then we can help you!


We can offer professional services for your water slide decal needs as well as general design with over a few years of experience.
We use Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop and CorelDraw and can design close to anything you need as a scale-able vector-based  and get them printed on amazing high quality decal paper locally. 

We can print close to any color (CMYK), including white, gold metallic and silver metallic!!! All decals get pre-printed in white, to ensure the decal will be well visible on any surface you apply them too. The sheets are printed with a highly professional Roland VS-420 printer. Decal paper is clear, only Decals surface is pre-printed in white.


No clear coat needed! All decals we offer are special coated and can be applied without having to clear coat the decal sheet. A clear coat is also not necessary after applying the decals, although we do suggest it, to be on the safe side.

We can print on A5, A4 and A3 sized decal paper. The decals are printed on 13µm transparent Water slide paper. The decals are not pre-cut and will need to be hand cut from the sheet before applying.


To apply the decals: cut them out from the sheet, lay them for 5-10 seconds in slightly warm water, pull them out and push the decal onto the surface you wish the decal to be on.
(Do not leave the decal to long in the water, otherwise there is high risk the glue on the decal itself will loosen itself) It is advised to apply decals with decal softener and afterwards with decal setter.


We can offer decals in 2 different types of print.

Thin-ink print.
This is ideal for decals you plan to for example apply to body work, and will be painted over afterwards. The ink is very thin and close to not noticeable on body work after it is applied. Ideal also for odd curved or sharpe shapes. 

Thick-ink print.
This is ideal for decals you plan to apply to small surfaces, rough surfaces, f.e our cloth like coated seats, brake calipers or model windows.
The thick ink print makes the decals feel like a plotted sticker, but works the same as any other water slide decal. Gold and silver metallic not available for thick ink print. Not ideal for strongly curved or sharpe edged items. 


How can you get a custom sheet from us?
Send us an email to and let us know what you need. Decal requests via other platforms (Facebook, Instagram etc) will not be possible, all submissions via E-Mail only! 

In your email please attach
- a detailed list of which decal / logo / object you need
- images or examples of said design

- color details
- corresponding sizes (height and length)
- quantity

After we know what you want we can give you a full quote.

Print Pricing:

Thin ink print:
1x A5 Decal sheet: 16
1x A4 Decal sheet: 26
1x A3 Decal sheet: 50

Thick ink print:
1x A5 Decal sheet: 16
1x A4 Decal sheet: 32
1x A3 Decal sheet: 62

above mentioned costs are for Paper and Print costs only. Price is excl. VAT

Development Pricing:

Design cost with finished file from you (cost to check and correct file): 5-20€ per file
This cost falls away should the file be perfectly print ready.

Design cost with provided design/logos/vectors: On request

Design cost scratch made design/vectors: starting at 20
- We can design or develop almost any logo, pattern image etc with our highly skilled and experienced vector design team.  Design cost goes by an hourly rate of 20.
Email us with what you need and we will give you a quote. 

Quote means it is our estimate and is subject to change to less or more once the development process is completed. 

For full page development there will only be a 1x development fee, should you ever want the same sheet printed again exactly the same then only Print/Paper costs apply. 


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