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Print 01/2023 Feb/March Concluded -Dispatched last Week Feb. 23

Print 02/2023 April/May Concluded - Dispatched first week May 23

Print 03/2023 June/July Concluded - Dispatched first week September 23

Print 04/2023 October/November - Dispatched first week November 23

Print 01/2024 Jan/Feb - Awaiting Print confirmation - Dispatched second week February

Print 02/2024 May/June - Collecting requests. Print date not set


Download custom decal form

Need custom decals? Need branded stickers for your models but can't find the right size, color or quantity? Or have your own vector files but are unable to print them yourself?

We offer professional services for your water slide decal needs as well as design experience.

Using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop and CorelDraw we can design anything you need as a scaleable vector image and have them printed on high quality decal paper.

We can print any color (CMYK) including white, as well as metallic gold and silver. All decals are pre-printed in white using a Roland VS-420 printer to ensure designs are highly visible on any surface, and have a clear background to ensure seamlessness.

How can you get a custom sheet from us?

Contact info@tkdiecast.comto discuss your design requirements and request a free quote. Decal requests on other platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) are not possible at this time.

Please include:
Your completed decal request form (Example)- preferred for multiple decals

Or the following information:
- image of logo
- name of logo
- image source (URL)
- desired dimensions
- color details
- quantity of each logo
- print type (thick or thin)
- any additional information, e.g. images of the logo from different angles or in real life contexts. These details allow us to create the highest quality decal possible.

You will receive a check sample sheet by email to confirm your order before it is printed.

When will I receive my stickers

Decals are printed with our upcoming print batch at the end of each month. Should our minimum printing requirement not be met, all orders will be pushed back to the following month. After the final printing has been received and reviewed for quality, orders typically ship within 3 business days. Shipping FAQ

Paper size options:

Decal pages is available in A6, A5, A4 and A3 sizes. Decals are printed on 13µm transparent waterslide paper. Decals are not pre-cut and must be hand cut from the sheet prior to application.

Thin or thick print?

Decal printing is available using 2 different types of ink.

Thin ink print

Thin ink print is printed with eco solvent ink and is ideal for decals you intend to apply to body work and paint over with a clear coat. The ink is very thin and virtually indiscernible on body work after application. This print type is also ideal for curved or sharp edged pieces. 

Thick ink print

Thick print ink is printed with UV ink and is recommended for decals you intend to apply to small objects and rough surfaces, such as our textured seats, brake calipers or car windows. (Example image coming soon)

This print type print makes the decals feel like a plotted sticker, but works the same as any other slide decal, but is not ideal for strongly curved or sharp edged pieces. Metallic gold and silver are not available in thick ink print. White decals are recommended in thick print for the best quality and most opaque application.

Not sure which print type will meet your requirements? We offer test print samples to allow you to see the quality of the print differences.



To apply decals: Cut desired decals out from the sheet, gently place in lukewarm water for 5-10 seconds, remove from water and apply to desired surface.

Leaving decals in water for too long may cause the glue on the decal itself to loosen. It is advised to employ the use of a decal softener and setter to aid in application, such as those from Mr. Mark Hobby

Here are a couple of detailed videos from ROBS MODEL CARS demonstrating decal application.

Custom Decal Sheet
Ignition Top Secret Nissan R33 GT-R
WEC 488 Pista Piloti

No clear coat needed! All decals we offer are special coated and can be applied without having to clear coat the decal sheet. It is suggested to apply a clear coat, although it is not necessary after applying the decals.

Can I print bit-maps?

JPEGs, PNGs and TIFs can be printed, however there are many requirements that can make this more complicated. A printed bitmap may have blurry edges, and it's possible the color wont show if it isn't possible to print it with a white base layer. It is better to have a vector of the decals that you want, they are much sharper and higher in quality. See our Example (Coming Soon) of cherry blossom decals printed both with and without white base layer.

Print Pricing:

Thin ink print:

1x A6 Decal Sheet: 10
1x A5 Decal Sheet: 16
1x A4 Decal Sheet: 26€
1x A3 Decal Sheet: 50€

Thick ink print:

1x A6 Decal Sheet: 10€
1x A5 Decal Sheet: 16€
1x A4 Decal Sheet: 32€
1x A3 Decal Sheet: 62€
Prices are for paper and print costs only. Prices are excluding VAT.

Development Pricing:

- Design from finished file (minor adjustments required): from 10
- Design from finished file (not in need of adjustments): 5
- Modified design from existing vector: 25/hour
- Custom vector design from scratch: 25/hour

All quotes are estimates and subject to change once the development process is complete.

For full page development there is only a one-off development fee, should you ever want an identical sheet printed again, only print and paper costs will apply.

More detailed images of decal examples here (Coming Soon)

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