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Decal Sheet A3 Thin-Ink Print

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Custom Decal sheet thin print A3 paper

297 x 420 mm

Thin-ink print.
This is ideal for decals you plan to for example apply to body work, and will be painted over afterwards. The ink is very thin and close to not noticeable on body work after it is applied.

1 A3 Decal sheet cost 50

Additional cost:

Design cost with finished file from you (cost to check and correct file): 5

Design cost with provided design/logos/vectors: 10 to 20

Design cost scratch made design/vectors: 10€ to 30

(depending on what you need cost for scratch made decals may differ and cost more than stated above)


This listing does not include the displayed model or other parts. These are displayed as example purpose only.


For hobby use only.