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16" Hoshino Impul D-01 Silhouette 4H Alloy

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16" Hoshino Impul D-01 Silhouette 4H Alloy

Wheel set consists of 4 resin centers and 4 resin rings.
Wheel set includes 1 set Lug nut hub adapter.

Wheel set includes 1x Decal set
Decal set includes 4x center cap & 4x spoke decal.


  • Diameter: 24.4mm
  • width: 12mm
  • width: 15mm
  • inside diameter / brake clearance: 18mm

Dish Depth (optional):

  • 4mm
  • 6mm
  • 8mm

Dish Types:

  • 45°

Diameter with tires:

  • P7: 32mm
  • RE05A slim: 29mm
  • RE05A Thick: 31mm
  • R888: 30,5mm

Mounting hub Dimensions: (rear side of rim, Ring shape)

  • Outside: 8mm
  • Inside: 6mm
  • Depth: 4mm
  • Fits For TK Universal Wheel hub - TKD-002-002

Come in unpainted resin.

This listing does not include the displayed model or other parts. These are displayed as example purpose only.
This product is in 1/18 scale. For hobby use only.