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Universal Gauge Pod Decal Set

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Universal Gauge Pod Decal Set

1 set consists of 12 decals.

Possible Colors:

  • Black Face / White Lines / Red Needle
  • Black Face / Blue Lines / Red Needle
  • Black Face / Red Lines / Red Needle

Included Gauge Types:

  • 1x Oil Temp F°
  • 1x Oil Temp C°
  • 1x Ext. Temp F°
  • 1x Ext. Temp C°
  • 1x Oil Press. PA
  • 1x Oil Press. PSI
  • 1x Fuel Press. PA
  • 1x Fuel Press. PSI
  • 1x Turbo
  • 1x Boost
  • 1x Water Temp F°
  • 1x Water Temp C°


  • W: 2 mm x H: 2 mm

All decals are printed on clear waterslide paper with a white prime layer to insure the highest quality and color clarity on any surface.

Decals displayed are not to scale. Decals are not pre-cut and will need to be cut out by hand.

This listing does not include the displayed model or other parts. These are displayed as example purpose only.

This product is in 1/18 scale. For hobby use only.