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Universal Rubber Hose Adapters

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Universal Rubber Hose Adapters - Style 1

Ideal for engine builds.
Hose adapters are made of flexible resin.
This means the parts can be trimmed and slightly stretched to fit any straight adapter hose.

Set is attached to a build plate, requires trimming before application is possible.

Available colors

  • Black
  • Red
  • Blue

Included in 1 set:

  • 4x Straight; outside 3mm x inside 1,9mm
  • 4x Straight; outside 4,2mm x inside 3mm
  • 4x Straight; outside 5,2mm x inside 3,8mm
  • 4x Reducer; outside 5,2mm > 4,7mm x inside 4mm > 3,4mm
  • 4x Reducer; outside 4,8mm > 4,1mm x inside 3,3mm > 2,9mm
  • 4x Reducer; outside 4,2mm > 3,2mm x inside 2,8mm > 2,4mm
  • 4x reducer; outside 4,4mm > 4,2mm x inside 3,2mm > 3mm

This listing does not include the displayed model or other parts. These are displayed as example purpose only.
This product is in 1/18 scale. For hobby use only.